2019年 第22届亚州宠物展览会
2019年 第22届亚州宠物展览会

ag真人平台 第22届亚州宠物展览会,一年一度的亚州宠物展览会,相约上海,ag真人在亚洲宠物展示场等您,接待您的到来。 2019.8.21-25 上海新...



    公司拥有高效的办理团队及独立的产品研发团队、国际先辈程度消费线。履历丰厚的宠物用操行业10多年的资深设计师和工人。从产品设计开辟打样到下单消费,可提供专业OEM&ODM一站式办事。客户第一,质量至上,ag真人将尽心尽力[jìn xīn jìn lì]为客户带去最好的产品及最优质的办事。佳美乐产品滞销国际外30多个国度和地域,此中包罗美国、加拿大、俄罗斯、欧州、韩国、日本等等。




Guangzhou Petsun Pet Products Co.,Ltd,which has over 19years experience in pet shoes manufacturing since2000,is the first and biggest professional and leading pet shoes supplier in China.

JML is our company’s own registered trademark,can provide trademark licensing for businesses and online Retailers,such as Taobao ,T-mall,Amazon,JingDong and so on.We have a number of product design patents.All the products are developed for the pet’s characteristics,pay attention to the practicality and comfort,fully embody human care.

Petsun has a highly efficient management team,independent F&D team,the international advanced level production lines,professional designers and workers with over 10 years experience in pet products.Fron designing,Proofing to manu facturing ,professional OEM&ODM service is available. We insist on “Customer and Quality first”and spare no effort to if fer our custoner the best product and service.Our products have been sold well in many countries and areas,including USA,Canada,Russia,Europe,Korea,Japan,etc.

Offer practical value and exclusive bussiness concept of quality merchandise are our operational concepts,every product you can see from Petsun has a connorarion of care and respect to the pets.

We are looking forward to establishing partnership with any friend and any customer across the world,to attain Common ashievements.


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